Autographed Apollo 11 Capsule – 1/25 Scale

Painted by hand, this museum quality, 1/25 scale, resin model of Columbia – the Apollo 11 command module crewed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins

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1939 Lincoln Zephyr – 1/18 Scale

Launched in the mid-1930s, the Zephyr was the lower priced line of luxury cars in the Lincoln line, which bridged the wide gap between Ford’s powerful V8 DeLuxe and the lavish Lincoln K-series.

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Coca-Cola Series Frozen Beverage Maker

Capacity for approximately four 8-ounce drinks,
BPA free pitcher
Create an endless variety of drinks
Use the convenient Liquid and Shaved Ice level lines for …

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ZIPPO High Polish Brass – Jim Beam

In the good ole days, when advertising tobacco wasn’t taboo, I use to remember those cool guys lighting up a cigarette with a Zippo lighter

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Tonbo Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

Katana’s or Japanese Swords are arguably one of the finest swords ever made. With razor sharp edges, precision sharp point, made from a traditional way of crafting and forging passed on for hundreds of years.

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Uesugi Kenshin Samurai Armor

I remembered growing up watching all those cool Ninja and Samurai movies of the 80’s and 90’s thinking how cool those Samurai Armor was, and thinking how awesome it would be to have one!

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