Duplicator 4X 3D Printer

Let your creative juices flow and create any models that your heart so desires with this wonderful invention known as the 3D Printer!

Product Information

How To Create Your Own Figurines:

Step 1: Draw up your design

Step 2: Load to a fantastic 3D Printer

Step 3: Enjoy your new 3D model!

Of course it’s not as simple as that, but how cool are the 3D Printers that I’m sure you and your friends will have a blast playing around with. This 3D printer from WanHao is a well crafted unit that has a lot of custom parts to help make your 3D printing process simple and highly customizable to your own specifications.

Check it out by clicking on the button below to see how cool this beautiful machine is, and why it’s worth adding to your Man Cave.

Price: $1,029.95 @ MakerGeeks.com