X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

Looks great, extremely comfortable, swivels, great speakers, built solid, wireless and very affordable. What more can I say? Let the games begin!

Product Information

There is one thing modern man does well above all else, “To Boldly Go Where No Gamers Have Ever Been Before!”

Playing video games is more than a national past time, with a growing audience in all ages and genders, Gaming has become a hobby, a sport and an obessession. With all obession you must be comfortable doing it, and the X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Chair is a awesome must have when you get your friends together for a Gamathon!

This Video Gaming Chair, offers you fantastic comfort with speakers surrounding you, you can immerse yourself into the virtual gaming world! Like an athelete the tools may not make you a better player, but it does make your playing days easier. So why not check it out below!

Price: $184.95 @ Amazon.com