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When ever someone’s birthday is coming up, we all have difficulties figuring out what we could get them that is within a certain budget and spectacular at the same time. This is just the place for you to get that great and unique idea the next time you get stumped.


A man cave is not just for the single man who is young at heart.  Whether you are single or married and at any age, it is a privilege to have a room or an area we can call our own and retreat to with all the toys, gadgets and comforts our heart desires.

If you are the few fortunate enough to already have your own man cave then you already know there is no going back.  If you are the unlucky ones to have been duped into getting neutered at the beginning of your relationship, all this not lost.  Just ask, and depending on the personality of your misses,  it may also help your cause if you did something nice for her first.  Otherwise, suggest that she can have a room for herself too, and you two can even make a competition out of it.  Few people can resist such a fun and tempting offer.

Woman Cave

Last option, would be to create a shared area.  We all long for that couple of weeks holiday each year if we are lucky enough to go.  Why not create that holiday feeling at home for the family to enjoy everyday?


We are no doctors but we are quite certain that working towards your dreams, having more fun, more often and being able to retreat to your cave when required is one way to live a longer, happier and more fulfilled life.