Tonbo Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

Impress your friends with this limited edition, Katana or Japanese Sword. Sits nicely in your Man Cave, or ward off evil spirits (the ones that taste bad and don't get you drunk!).

Product Information

Handcrafted Katana For Sale!

Katana’s or Japanese Swords are arguably one of the finest swords ever made. With razor sharp edges, precision sharp point, made from a traditional way of crafting and forging passed on for hundreds of years. The Japanese have perfected the art of swordsmanship and craftsmanship.

This Katana is a limited edition item from Thaisuki Nihonto samurai swords line, that is hand crafted with a live blade (so extreme care and caution is advisable). It is crafted by the traditional way of utilizing carefully selected high carbon steel, forged, harden and mixed with a softer steel for the live blade. This gives the hardness of the sword to stand impact, after impact, at the same time the soft steel creates a ever sharp edge that almost never goes dull in a well made blade.

Any Katana’s will be a great collection for the right “Man” who has the right “Man Cave” to store this beautiful piece of dangerous art.

Price: $2,950.00 @